VEVOR 10" Table Saw Electric Cutting Machine 4500RPM 25-in Rip Capacity Woodwork


SKU: 1005005913968146
  • Use: Woodworking
  • Type: Table Panel Saw
  • Model Number: ZLXMGTJWZJMC19JOUV1
  • Style: Vertical
  • Brand Name: oein
  • Origin: US(Origin)


Product Description

Enjoy Woodworking with VEVOR Table Saw
Our table saw is equipped with a 15 Amp motor to cut all kinds of wood at 4500 RPM. The 25-inch rip capacity allows it to tear through large lumber with ease. Whether you need to work outdoors, make furniture in the workshop, or are interested in woodworking DIY, VEVOR is the one you can trust.
Self-Aligning Rip Fence
The rip fence comes with a measuring guide rail, ensuring precise cutting every time.
Blade Guard Set
A blade guard set protects your security during operation and avoids machine damage.
Adjustable Height & Angle
The blade is height adjustable and can be tilted 45° for bevel cutting.
With a 4500 RPM cutting performance, this table saw for jobsite can easily rip through various kinds of hardwood.
Our table saw features a 25-inch rip capacity, meeting the demand of tearing larger wood and reducing additional friction.
The jobsite table saw is compact and lightweight. It is easy to carry for outdoor use and to store in your garage.


Model: M1H-ZP7-254-1
No-Load Speed: 4500 RPM
Rip Capacity: 25 in/625 mm
Voltage: 120V/60Hz
Motor Power: 1800W (15A)
Max Cutting Depth: 3.3 in/85 mm (cross cut at 90°); 2.2 in/55 mm (bevel cut at 45°)
Miter Gauge Range: -60˚ - +60˚
Dado Width: <0.5 in/13.5 mm
Saw Blade O.D.: 10 in/254 mm
Saw Blade I.D.: 0.6 in/15.875 mm
Saw Blade Tooth Thickness: 0.1 in/2.8 mm
Number of Saw Blade Teeth: 40
Product Size (L x W x H): 25.6 x 24.1 x 11.8 in/65 x 61.2 x 30 cm
Product Weight: 42.3 lbs/19.2 kg

Package Content

1 x Table Saw
1 x Rip Fence
1 x Monocular Shield
1 x Push Stick
1 x Miter Gauge
2 x Saw Blade Wrenches
1 x Blade Guard


  • Cut into Good Times: Are you tired of big pieces of wood getting the best of you? Well, get ready for clean seamless cuts every time. Equipped with a powerful 15 Amp motor, the woodworking table saw cuts through various sizes of wood with ease at high speed of 4500 RPM. Its 40-tooth blade dramatically improves cutting efficiency.
  • Cut at Various Angles: With the help of an adjustable, full-length, parallel fence with a measuring guide rail, our table saw for jobsite ensures reliable and smooth rip-cutting every time. You are going to feel so satisfied with the results. You can set the blade to any desired angle between -60° to 60° for bevel-cutting. Stay in control and cut at the most common angles no matter what.
  • Your Security Comes First: Security is always our top priority. This jobsite table saw is designed with a security shield to prevent sawdust from lingering in the air. A blade guard prevents the blade from popping out after breaking, too. If the machine is overheating, the copper wire automatically starts overload protection to save the machine from damage. With security mechanisms like this put in place, you can't go wrong!
  • Designed Just for You: Don't you just hate dust and bulky tables? The 10 inch table saw is easy to carry for outdoor operations thanks to its compact design. It fits perfectly in your truck for convenient storage. The dust port does well in dust prevention, keeping your workshop clean.
  • Perfect Choice for Wood Cutting: The portable table saw is helpful for wood cutting and various DIY woodworking projects. You can process logs, cut wood boards, or make furniture. Whether in the workshop or outdoors, it will become your #1 cutter helper. Let's get to work.


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